Smart speakers are fast becoming popular gadgets within the consumer tech industry. One of the commonly used gadgets today is Google Home.

This gadget comes with numerous smart features and users seem to be particularly happy that it’s Bluetooth enabled.

Do you know how to use Google Home as Bluetooth speaker?

Leverage Bluetooth to: play audio from your phone using Google Home, stream audio from Google Home to a different speaker, and link a Google Assistant-enabled phone with a Bluetooth speaker to build a separate temporary Home gadget.

Google Home Launch

When Google Home was launched a few years ago, it lacked some essential features, one of which was Bluetooth.

As an alternative, users had to stream music through Cast or podcasts from their gadgets to Google Home.

It’s worth mentioning that you can cast nearly anything from an Android gadget. However, users were restricted to using apps that only supported Cast on iOS.

This problem should come to an end with the update released recently that integrated Bluetooth to the speaker.

Let’s discuss how you can pair your smart gadget to facilitate the streaming of audio using Google Home.

How to use Google Home as a Bluetooth Speaker on Android

You can activate your Google Home speaker’s pairing mode in two ways.

The easiest has to be through your voice. For instance, you could say "OK, Google, Bluetooth pairing."

The speaker will instantly become visible to all neighbouring Bluetooth gadgets for some minutes.

In the second way, the Google Home app will need to be on iOS or Android. Once you launch the app, tap the gadget’s button on the left menu or the top right corner.

To get the Google Home speaker you need to pair, click on the action overflow button located on the top right corner of the card and choose settings.

Scroll down to the base and click Paired Bluetooth devices. Proceed to the right corner at the bottom and click Enable Pairing Mode.

With the speaker on pairing mode, launch Bluetooth settings on your gadget and find the Google Home speaker. It will emerge in the name you have assigned to it in the Google Home app.

Once you have paired your gadget with Google Home, it will operate as a normal Bluetooth speaker. You can play audio from different music streaming services or locally stored music from an efficient gadget.

Remove a Paired Gadget

To remove a paired gadget, go back to the Paired Bluetooth devices menu in your Google Home app and click on the X on the right of one of the gadgets. Proceed to unpair your Google Home speaker in Bluetooth settings on your gadget. The Google Home update came with other essential features such as support for Spotify free streaming and voice calling.

How to use Google Home as a Bluetooth Speaker on iPhone

• Launch the Settings app

• Choose Bluetooth from the first group of options

• Allow your iPhone some time to search for gadgets before choosing your Google Home from the Other Devices section. It should appear in the name you have assigned it.

• The gadgets will take some time to pair. In case they don’t pair move them closer.

• Using Google Home as a speaker by linking it to your streaming accounts

• You can directly connect your Google Home to any of your music streaming accounts such as Google Play Music, Pandora, and Spotify.

Once you configure your Google Home you will be prompted to connect to all your streaming accounts. However, if you’re not prompted or choose to skip that step you can:

• Launch Google Home app

• Choose Settings on the homepage

• Proceed to “Rooms, groups, and devices” and click “Add”

• From the new menu under “Add services” there will be three options. Depending on the audio you want to listen to, choose “Music and audio,” “Radio,” or “Videos and photos”

• A list of streaming services will appear on each screen that your Google Home can connect to.

• Click the ones you want to include in your account and confirm that you want to allow your Google Home access to that specific service.

You can now use your Google Home as a speaker with a single command. For instance, if you need to listen to music from Spotify, all you need to do is simply say “OK Google, play Spotify” You can also specify what you need. For instance, you can say, “OK Google, play ‘Specific song’ by ‘a specific artist’ on Spotify.”


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