You are here because you want to know how to use your Google Home for Chrome cast.

 Worry not. You are at the right place. It’s impossible to watch videos onyour Google Home device because it doesn’t have a screen. Sad!

 But you know what? It’s possibleto control the videos that play on your Chrome cast with your Google Home device. Hooray. You see, all is not lost.

You can even demand videos from Netflix and YouTube, play or pause current videos only with your voice.

But there’s a catch though. You’ll have to getyour chrome cast device up and running.

 To use Google Home for Chrome cast is a two-way process.

Here’s how you do the first process.

Google Chrome cast is one of the best and the cheapest streaming devices that there is on earth.Setting up GoogleChrome is simple and intuitive.

1Link your Chrome cast to your TV

Get your Chrome cast plugged into your TV’s HDMI port. The USB wire should be plugged into a compatible port.

2 Simply download the Google Home app

Get the Google Home app from either the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. You don’t need the Google Home app if you are using a Chrome cast with your computer.

If you have Google Chrome installed on your computer, you are Ok.

3In Google Home, Select devices

It’s in the far corner on the right. Note that you might get prompted to set up a new device on the far bottom of your screen. This too works.

4Select Set Up

TheChrome cast will be set up by the GoogleHome app. Just tap Continue when prompted. That’s it.

5Inspect that code against good your TV

You will see a code both on your TV screen and on your app. As long as they match, select Yes.

6Choose a name

Adjust your Guest option and privacy on this screen at this time.

7Link the Chrome cast to the Internet

Choose a network (on the Ultra use Ethernet) from your phone, get the password or manually put it in. Note,your apps and the chrome cast should be on the same network.

It’s not a must you sign into your Google account and you’ll still access your favorite movies and music on YouTube.

You can take a tutorial to let Google Home teach you how casting operates if you are not familiar with a Chrome Cast.

Now that you have your Chrome cast up and running, here is how you do the second process.

Here now is how to use Google Home for Chrome cast so that you can operate it by your voice.


Google Home Device

Step 1 Get the Chrome cast device Connected to your TV, switch on the TV and get it set to the right input

Step 2 on your Smartphone, Get the Google Home opened

 Step 3 inthe right corner on the top, open the devices icon

Step 4Open Adda new device by tapping it

Step 5 the following screen shows instructions on how to connect your Chrome cast device. You’ll be advised to go to your wifi settings and select your suitable device

Step 6 Go to your Wi-Fi settings on your smartphone and select the Chrome cast network XXXX (This XXXX is that different series of numbers and letters that appear ona specific device.) It works the same with all smartphones.


 Step 7 Head back to the Google Home app and tap to open Continue

Step 8 Verify that the code on your TV matches the one in your app by tapping I see it

Step 9 choose your locality and tap Continue

Step 10 Name your Chrome cast

Step 11 Enter the password of your network and tap Continue

For voice-command, pick something natural and easy to say, like "Sitting Room." Determine whether you need Chromecast to send crash reports or just activate Guest Mode. Tap continue.

Step 12 select the wifi network to which you need your chrome cast connected to

Step 13 Tap sign in, to sign in to your Google account

If already signed in, tap "Continue as [your name]" when this option comes up. (You could skip this or do it later.

To control the Chrome cast by your voice, you must be logged in to your Google account.

That’s it! Now you know how to use GoogleHome for Chrome cast. It’s that easy.

 Go on. Connect your Chrome cast to your Google Home and watch endless movies and music or whatever it is, that you love on YouTube or Netflix, at the sound of your voice.

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