A Detailed Review on Smart Speakers

A smart speaker can be categorized as a smart wireless audio playback device that encompasses several types of' connectivity to employ surplus functionality. Smart speakers encompass special features so that it's easy to use and have multi-device connectivity for audio streaming.

When evaluating which is the best smart speaker to buy, you should consider a smart speaker with good audio capabilities and a good artificial intelligence service such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant or Apple's Siri. Also a speaker that can be used to control lights which begs the question how do you connect light with google

Smart speakers are very similar to home hubs in terms of their functionality, and it is very easy to generalize, but smart speakers normally listen to all speech in a room and are in the wait for a `wake word' such as `Hey Siri.' 

This review will look at the different features of smart speakers and the different smart speakers available.

How these devices work

The key to the drills of a smart speaker is speech recognition technology. Speech recognition enables the smart speaker to comprehend the speech spoken in it's surrounding and act hence upon it.

As earlier revealed, the various smart speaker makers use different speech recognition technology such as the Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Apple Siri, to name but a few.

When the system hears a `wake word,' it shows the prompts over the internet to the main dispensation area and then to the manufacturer's cloud system. The recognition service is based on algorithms so that this system can acquaint itself with your voice and speech patterns to give better services to you in the future.

Features of smart speakers


Smart speakers can play and pause tunes as well as allowing for multi-device connectivity to play music from one source.


Smart speakers can set notices, alerts, and plan calendar events at your request. They can even set alarms and wake you up at the given time.


If you query your smart speaker for updates, it will most likely indicate the weather, news, traffic updates, and other queries, such as the best routes to use.


Smart speakers are very clever and can create shopping lists for you, recommend a cooking recipe based on the ingredients available or streamline the buying of products online for you.


Smart speakers have brainy lighting that comes to life in certain instances, such as when the `wake word' is said, for incoming calls or notifications.

Digital displays

Smart speakers, in some instances, have digital displays that show the time or notifications. Some come with touch screens that can stream content and even make video calls.

Additional Features Available on Google Home

Once you have paired Chromecast with your Google Home Mini, you can use the Google Assistant voice commands to cast content to your TV for the following content; Netflix, YouTube Music and TV, Google Photos, Spotify, HBO NOW and plenty more besides.

You can use your Google Home Mini to ask Chromecast to pause, play, skip, or stop content being played on your TV.

When using the Chrome cast plug in your Google Home, Mini can turn your TV on or off.

Others devices it can control include the following


The google home for instance can switch smart hubs such as the Samsung SmartThings Hub 3rd Generation. It makes your devices work in harmony, and you can set routines that fit your lifestyle.

Switches and sockets

So many switches and sockets are smart; some of them do not need a hub for control but rather an application. The Google Home lets you control your switches and plugs, whether you are within or without your home. Smart switches such as the SmartThings Wi-Fi Smart Plug, can switch your appliances on with your voice.

Security and locks

The Google Home for instance lets you to switch smart locks like the Nest X Yale Lock with your voice. This lock works flawlessly and locks or unlocks the door when you go near it. It also has a sensor that lets you know if the door has been well locked. It also enables you to grant entry to your house to people for specific periods like an hour, and then it automatically locks.


To sum it all up Google can be connected with smart lights in your home but its functionality with regards to control items in your home is almost endless as we have seen above

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