Use Google Home Mini to Turn on TV

If the coronavirus has taught us anything, it is that we need to automate our homes. It would be best if you reduced the need to touch surfaces. For instance, everyone in your home wants a go at the remote control to watch their favorite shows on TV. 

Google Home Mini solves this problem. It makes it conceivable to turn your TV on by utilizing your voice. With a Chromecast, you now do not need to be hunting the remote control down. Just inquire Google, and it will do the honors. 

Google’s smart home products work together, flawlessly. With a single speaker, you can:

  • Monitor your security cameras

  • Adjust your home temperature on the thermostat

  • Stream your favorite shows via Chromecast

  • Play your preferred music

What Do You Need Google Home Mini?

You'll be able to do all this without touching anything. What’s more, with Google Home, you'll turn your tv on by issuing a verbal command. Here is how to use Google Home Mini to turn on the TV. 

There are two things you need:

  • A Chromecast

  • A television that supports CEC

The CEC (Consumer Electronics Control) feature enables a Chromecast to turn your TV by itself. Once enabled on your TV, you can control it via HDMI devices such as:

  • Xbox

  • Blue-ray player

  • PlayStation

A Chromecast can turn your television on and swap input sources. CEC comes in various brand names. If you cannot find it in your TV settings by one name, look for trade names such as:

  • HMDI-CEC for Hitachi TVs

  • Fun-Link for Emerson

  • EasyLink for Phillips 

  • Anynet+ for Samsung sets 

  • E-Link for AOC

  • SimpLink for LG

  • LG: SimpLink

  • BRAVIA Sync, BRAVIA Link, Control for HDMI for Sony sets

  • HDAVI Control, EZ-Sync/ Viera Link for Panasonic

  • CE-Link/ Regza Link for Toshiba

  • NetCommand for HDMI or Realink for HDMI for Mitsubishi 

  • Kuro Link for Pioneer

  • Aquos Link for Sharp

  • Fun-Link for Sylvania

Turning Your TV on with Chromecast

A majority of the modern HD TVs support DMI-CEC. Older models may not have the CEC feature. Hence, if your set lacks the function, you may need to upgrade. The setup process is straightforward once you find the CEC or a related trade name on your TV.

Follow the following steps:

  • Open the settings option on your TV’s settings menu

  • Find the CEC option and enable it

  • Plug the Chromecast in an available HDMI port

  • Television off, choose a video to stream from your mobile gadget

  • Tap the cast option and select the Chromecast connected to your TV

Your TV will power on and switch to the input source of your Chromecast. 

Different TVs come with different ways of powering a Chromecast. Most televisions have a USB port on the back. Some of the time, the port may cycle control with the Television. Other USB ports will turn off when the Television is turned off. 

You may need an AC adapter and power the Chromecast externally if the status light is off. This may be the only way to separate from the television. On Chromecast, the HMDI-CEC is enabled.

Turning Your TV on with Google Home Mini

It is possible to utilize your Google Home speaker to turn your TV on. This implies you'll be able to toss the remote and phone away. Chromecast needed specific instructions, such as particular videos or songs to play. Also, you had to speak to one particular Chromecast if you had several of them. 

A current update allows you to power your television by simply asking Google to turn it on (“Ok, Google. Turn on the TV.’) When your television is on, Google Home allows you to use it to control the Chromecast. 

You can instruct your Google Home to stream videos on Netflix or YouTube. If you are in the mood for some music, ask Google to stream your favorites on Google Play Music. Also, you can adjust the volume with your voice or stop and pause your videos. 

There's a modern feature that lowers your Chromecast’s volume automatically whereas you speak to Google Home. Additionally, you can power some televisions off using Google Home using voice commands. 

It is important to note that CEC support does not mean that your TV automatically has the power-off feature. 


Google Home certainly makes it easier to monitor the media in your home. Some gadgets, such as remote controls, are possibly the most touched in the house. With Google Home, you can breathe easier, knowing that everything is hand-free. 

Also, there is a lot more your Google Home Mini does to ensure that your home is fully automated. Apart from powering your television, it also helps you to monitor all the gadgets in your smart home.

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