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Google Chromecast is a versatile device. It works with lots of devices and apps that help ease your home life and your entertainment. Your Google Home, is another smart device that makes your life easier especially when it comes to dealing with your electronic devices and appliances at home.

Combined, these two devices bring you the convenience that you need and deserve at your home. In this article, we will see how to use Google Home to control chromecast. It is the easiest way to enjoy smart devices in your home.

Here are the steps to follow so that you can use your Google Home to control Chromecast.

Download the Google Home App to control Chromecast

The first step towards revolutionizing how you interact with your TV and other devices in your home, the first step is by downloading the Google Home app onto your phone.

The Google Home app is available for both Android and iOS devices. With the app on your phone, the process to connect all your other devices to your Google Home has just begun.

Connect your Chromecast device to your Google Home device

To do this, first ensure that the WIFI connection that the phone on which the app is on, is the same WIFI connection. This makes it easy for the app to connect to the devices and for the devices to connect to each other.

Once all the devices and the app are online, you can now connect all of them from the app. Click on the devices icon on the app. It will provide you with all the devices that are on the same Wi-Fi connection. 

Click on add devices. This will lead you to connecting your Chromecast device to the Google Home app and thus make it easier for it to be controlled from the Google Home device.

Get off the app

Once you are through with this process, it is now time to control your Chromecast device from the convenience of your Google Home.

Throw away your phone and make the command to stream your favorite movie, music or photos onto the TV or laptop that the Chromecast is connected to. Relax and ask your Google Home to stream your favorite movies or music.

Connect to other apps with your Chromecast and Google Home

Once you have connected your Chromecast device to your Google Home, you can access many other apps that are compatible with it. Movie streaming apps such as Netflix and YouTube are available to you at the sound of your voice.

For streaming apps that need a subscription such as Netflix, you will need to connect your accounts to the app. With this step done, you can at all times command your Chromecast through your Google Home to stream your favorite movies and TV series at the comfort of your couch. All you need is the sound of your voice.

Give all devices connected to your Google Home a name

Once you are finished connecting to all devices in your home, ensure that you give them a name.

With each of the devices given a name, it is now easier to make your commands to your Chromecast through your Google Home device.

Choose the Wi-Fi Network that your devices will be connected on

On the app, it is important that you select the Wi-Fi network on which your devices will connect. This ensures that whenever your Wi-Fi is on your devices are connected.

This also ensures that you will ensure that you have your Wi-Fi network on.

Activate voice commands for your Chromecast connected to your Google Home

Once you have downloaded your Google Home app on your phone and connected the devices such as TVs, speakers, Chromecast and all other smart devices, you can now activate voice commands on your app.

“Hey Google, play Netflix on the name of your TV.”

With this command, your Google Home device will intelligently instruct your Chromecast to start streaming your favorite Netflix movie or TV series.

You can issue commands to pause, forward and even rewind. You can also choose whatever you want to watch all by the sound of your voice.


The Google Home device is the best to control your Chromecast device. With the above steps, you will be able to connect your devices quickly and easily and you will easily use Google Home to control Chromecast. Download the app on your phone for a smooth Google Home and Chromecast connection journey.

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