Netflix streaming is a service that allows Netflix members to watch documentaries, movies, TV shows and much more content on various devices which connects to the internet. Every month new content is added. Members enjoy instant access to any content of their choice. It’s important to know how to use Netflix with Google Home mini to stream Netflix content with ease.

Simple steps to set up Google Home mini to stream Netflix content

The first thing is to either connectChromecast dongle to your TV or screen or buy a Chromecast built-in TV. Google Home mini is a voice enabled smart device and is readily compatible with Chromecast.Your devices should be linked to Google Home app. Netflix should as well be linked to Google account. This helps voice commands to liaise with Netflix.


  1. Launch your Google Home app
  2. Go to menu
  3. On Google Assistant, go to more settings
  4. Get services icon
  5. Go to videos and photos
  6. Select Netflix. Select link icon and pair your Google account with Netflix app

You are now ready to go! Command your Google Home mini what content you want to be streamed and it will do exactly that.

Home Automation makes Netflix more Entertaining

Home Automation ranks various products to enable you buy the best quality for your smart home. You might not have the knowhow of which smart device best blends with your other devices. When you visit Home Automation you will have learnt a lot and you will set your smart home after your dream.

Home Automation

 Ranking is well informed and involves the following process:

  • Interaction with manufacturers
  • Conduction of fine research to service providers
  • Researching on recommendations and further re-evaluate the products.

Our members make informed decisions on what to buy and enjoy benefits like:

  • Evaluation
  • Products and services
  • Genuine reviews
  • Negative reviews which have been pre-validated.

Vera’s Products Makes you Stream Netflix with Ease

Vera’s products competitively outdoessimilar platforms by the virtue of storing many smart products which you will not find elsewhere. By pairing up your smart home controller with Vera’s app you get to enjoy the best from your smart home. You will no longer feel insecure as you travel far away from home. Your home smart system travels with you in your smart phone or device.

Vera simply assists you:

  • To automate all your chores in your smart home
  • You retain control of what happens at home even when you are away
  • Get alerts whenever anything happens at home
  • Switch on the lights before you get home
  • Simplify your routines.

Vera has a great team of customer care experts who will assist you:

  • During initial set up
  • Live support
  • When expanding your system
  • Installation assistance
  • Active user forum

Call us now:

+1 (866) 966 – 2272

+1 (702) 487 – 9770          Vera International

Ezlo Innovation Makes Netflix Streaming Smarter

From Ezlo, you will get the newest smart quality products for your home automation system. All your devices gets accessible and better connected with the latest technology. At sound of your voice or on touch of a button you get all that you need from your smart home.

We ensure:

  • Smarter control

Your automated everyday events helps you save time and money.

  • Smarter lighting

Pair up Ezlo Hub and LED bulbs and have control of your lights in your hands using your smart phone or device.

  • Smarter energy

Your thermostats adjusts automatically.

Our solutions helps to:

  • Make life easier. More security and convenience is added to your everyday life.
  • Open new channels for revenue. Businesses are able to deliver smarter services
  • Improve customer experiences by making smarter products.
  • Optimize energy consumption. You will monitor and control how energy is consumed by each smart device. All this you do in your smart phone or device.

Ezlo Products

  • Ezlo Atom
  • Philio Multisensor
  • Ezlo PlugHub Energy – it’s the only smart plug which has built-in control hub
  • Pearl Thermostat – it’s simple and smarter for controlling temperature.

Talk to us:

Monday – Friday              between 7am and 5pm pacific

Toll Free number             800 – 266 – 8765

You should feel at home in your home by feeling secure and relaxing at ease and probably listen to some cool music. To enjoy all this, get to know how to use Netflix with Google Home mini. An automated home is all that you need. Everything becomes easy until you forget you were tired if you just got home from work.

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