Here is How to Use Hue Phillips with Google Home

Gone are the days when you had to employ a security guard or have a security dog at your house. Failure to do that, you risk coming back from work to an empty house.

You had to make sure your security lights are on at night.  You can’t afford to run out of power at night. You had to check how much power you have left.  Otherwise, you will spend a night in a dark house or call your nearest power guy.

But thanks to Google because you can learn how to use hue Phillips with Google home. It automates everything in your house.  For example, you are able to control lights, sensors, thermostat and television, among others. Therefore it reduces chances insecurity, calamities and general security of your home.

The beauty with Google home is you use your voice to ‘command’ the app what to do. How cool is that?

Follow These Steps How to Use Hue Phillips with Google Home

If you have a Google speaker or any Google assistant, then know hue Phillips lights can work at your home. Hue Phillips lights come with different colors and shapes. Hue Phillips also produces candles, spotlights, outdoor and indoor bulbs.

It’s important to note that Hue Phillips has got their official app. It allows playing different scenes and colors of light at the same time.

However, Google app doesn’t do that. It only lights one color at a time for a single bulb or all bulbs in a room. All that said, Google app is far better than hue Phillips app because of the voice command feature in the former. It’s convenient and easy to use.

Here is how you set it up

  • Open Google home
  • In the top left corner, hit the three-line menu
  • Press home control
  • At the bottom of the screen, press the blue + button in the right corner
  • Press Phillips Hue
  • A new browser window will open requesting you to sign in to your Hue Phillips account
  • Phillips will ask you whether you trust Google assistant to provide them control of your Hue Phillips account. Press yes.
  • Now it is connected.

After connection, it is up to you to install the bulbs in different rooms like the living room, kitchen and others. After, you can give Google home Phillips hue commands of ‘dim the bedroom lights’,  ‘brighten the kitchen lights’ and ‘change color of living room lights to purple’ among others.

It is important to note that you cannot connect Phillips hue to Google home without bridge. A bridge is the control panel that talks to your bulbs. It is the one to command the lights to turn on, when to dim and what colors to turn to.  Therefore it stores timers, settings and animations of your bulbs.

A single bridge is recommended to work with 50 bulbs. Yet, the physical limit of bulbs is 63. Therefore if you have more bulbs, then you will have to buy a second bridge.

Another way you can connect your Phillips hue smart bulbs is by blue tooth.  Bluetooth compatible bulbs are the latest upgrade.  With these, you don’t need to first install the hub, before you are even sure you’ll like them.

Everyone that has a smart phone can operate and control these bulbs using Bluetooth. Therefore, it’s easy to install and get started with hue Phillips bulbs.

Below are some examples of smart bulbs that use the Zigbee wave to automate and control.

Features of Vera Smart Bulbs

  • Easily connects to the Z-wave and therefore can use Vera controller to control or automate the bulb.
  • Longer lasting compared to traditional bulbs
  • Saves both money and energy. For instance, it uses 9-watts to achieve the effects of a 60-watt bulb.
  • Z-wave bulbs act as a repeater with any Z-wave device.
  • A Vera smart bulb is able to give 100 different warm white levels of brightness.
  • They work indoor only.

Features of Ezlo Smart Bulbs

  • Ezlo is compatible with the Z-wave dimmable LED light
  • Has a lifespan of 22 years
  • Uses a remote control via a compatible Z-wave controller or hub
  • It allows wirelessly control of the bulb from anywhere.
  • Works with other Z-wave products like Nortek security and control.
  • Ezlo smart bulb is easy to install.
  • Ezlo led lights allow automation and creating of scenes of light.

Final Say

With the above steps, you must have learnt how to use hue Phillips with Google home. Just a click away, you can issue voice commands to your smart bulbs to switch on/off, dim and brighten up. You can also, create different scenes in rooms by playing different colors.

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