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Google Home has a line of smart speakers designed and created by Google. The speakers come with Google Assistant through which users are able to issue voice commands. Additionally, users can also listen to music, manage playback of videos as well as receive weather and news updates. 

Also, Google Home devices allow users to manage smart home devices such as cameras, locks and thermostats. With a voice command, users can view video footage or adjust the temperature in their homes. 

In short, Google Home devices are designed to help simply home management. All devices work with Google Assistant to give smart homeowners the best smart home encounter. 

The following is a list of gadgets that you can control with your voice and are compatible with Google Home. All you have to do is assimilate them into your Internet of Things ecosystem.

Google Nest Hub Max

This is an all-inclusive package that comes with the following features:

  • Top of the range speakers

  • Privacy switch to block camera and microphones

  • Clever motion-tracking

  • Makes videos using Google Duo

The Google Nest Hub Max is among the best of the Google compatible devices available. It boasts a large display with a camera that features video call as well as security camera capacities. 

The Nest Hub Max works well with Thread. This is an IoT device that is designed for smart home devices that are low-powered. In addition, it features facial recognition and pause or play hand gestures. The display can double up as an entertainment device. Also, you can use it to control some of your smart home devices. 

The August Smart Lock Pro

This smart lock is easy to install and comes with versatile settings. It also has auto-lock/unlock features and a resounding alarm. Google Assistant allows you to verify from August Smart Lock Pro whether or not your door is locked. You can lock your door or unlock it using voice commands.

This device is one of the best smart lock gadgets compatible with Google Home devices. 

Ecobee (5th Gen)

With its in-built Alexa speaker, this thermostat still qualifies for a place on the top Google Home Compatible devices. It comes with a pretty good speaker and great remote sensors. Moreover, it works excellently with Spotify. 

It allows you to adjust the temperature in every room in your home by simply using your voice. Alternatively, you can use its enhanced remote sensor to operate it. Additionally, it gives you background music if you want it. 


It is hailed as one of the best streaming devices out there. Its interface may not invoke any excitement; however, it is loved for its fast and intuitive performance. Google Chromecast makes it easy to assimilate your existing devices. 

Chromecast connects to your TV via an HMDI port and connects to your Wi-Fi network. Once it is fully set up, you can get it to stream your preferred content. 

WeMo Mini

WeMo Mini is a device that connects smoothly to your smart home platforms. It is capable of working with Google Assistant as well as Homekit, Alexa and other smart speakers. It is, therefore, a versatile smart plug that can be used by anyone. 

Nest Cam IQ

Nest Cam IQ features the following:

  • Great video quality

  • Intelligent software

  • Superb audio

Like all other Nest Cams, the Nest Cam IQ allows you to view live feed from your camera on devices that are Chromecast-enabled. This device will cost you a pretty penny. However, the price is worth the clarity of the pictures it provides. Moreover, it is able to recognize individual faces and will zoom in to a location if it detects sound. 

White Security Camera

Orbit B-hyve

The busy gardener will love this smart faucet. It helps to keep your precious roses well irrigated. It contains both Android and iOS set up processes and comes with many customization features. 

This device works with Google Assistant as well as Alexa. Since it is compatible with Google Home, you can include it in your smart home programs. If you have a busy work schedule, you can program the faucet to water your plants at the same time every day. 

In addition, you can customize the faucet’s schedule using the device’s app on your Smartphone. 


What are Google Home devices? Simply put, these are devices that are compatible with Google Home. They are smart home devices that help to make home management more convenient for homeowners. The devices listed above and others help you to keep your home running effectively. 

Apart from making your home more secure, they also help to make your chores easy. Also, you are able to access whatever content you need from sources such as YouTube. They also allow you to customize your routines.

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