What can Google Home control: A Review

Google’s own Google Assistant powers the Google Home Smart Speaker. This is an artificial intelligence-powered virtual assistant that helps you to search the web, play or pause music, dim smart lighting, start a TV show, and plenty more besides.

All the top Google Home compatible gadgets work with Google Assistant to provide a seamless experience of functionality to the user. This leads us to ask what can Google Home control. Google’s smart home gadget lineup has exponentially grown to include the latest devices that revolutionize the way we reflect on our households.

Google has a very nice ecosystem, and every day new devices find their way into Google’s Internet of Things (IoT). This review will focus on the preliminaries to setting up your Google Home device and the Smart components the device can control and how this makes command from a centralized location easier and better.

Google Home

What can google home control: First things to do

Decide on the ideal location

The Google home, unlike other hubs, does not come equipped with a camera like other smart speakers. You need to have this device in an ideal location so that it can be able to collect the sounds in its environment and respond to commands better. The most common locations include kitchen countertops, bedroom nightstands, coffee tables, and plenty more besides.

Download the Google Home App

 When setting up the Google home for use in a smart home, you need the help of the Google Home App that is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. This interface will act as your control center for most manual controls and remote controls as well.

Teach the Google Home to recognize your voice

Voice commands account for a large portion of how you will interact with the Google Home. The artificial intelligence program in the device, Google Assistant,can listen and record voices and associate them with specific individuals.

This means if two users are registered on the device, and both ask for weather updates, they will both receive the updates but on their accounts. You can also get personalized responses for things you request that the devices do.

Set Downtime

 It is very crucial for households with kids to set downtimes for certain connected devices on Google home as it is possible to do so. This should be done to ensure that they do not only get stuck doing one thing or are distracted from doing their chores.

Filter Content

The Google smart home enables you to filter any content you do not deem worthy. For instance, you can block certain calls or notifications from being shown, and more importantly, you can block explicit videos from all video platforms as they are not appropriate to kids.

What can Google Home control: Application in a smart home

It is extremely worthwhile to be able to control all major electronic devices in your home from a centralized point and the location of your choosing. In smart homes, these are the capabilities that Google Home affords you.The devices controllable include:


The google home can control smart hubs such as the Samsung SmartThings Hub 3rd Generation. It enables your devices to work in harmony, and you can set routines that fit your lifestyle.

Switches and sockets

Some many switches and sockets are smart; some of them do not require a hub for control but just an application. The Google Home allows you to control your switches and plugs, whether you are around or away. With some smart switches like the SmartThings Wi-Fi Smart Plug,you can switch your appliances on with your voice.

Security and locks

The Google Home Mini allows you to control smart locks such as the Nest X Yale Lock with your voice. This lock works seamlessly and locks or unlocks the door when you approach. It even has a sensor that lets you know if your entry has been securely locked. It also enables you to give access to your household to people for specific periods like an hour, and then it locks itself.

Nest X Yale Lock

Nest X Yale Lock

Smart refrigerators

A smart refrigerator is a fridge that has web ability, such as the Samsung FamilyHub Smart Fridge. You can use the Google Home Speaker to turn off the refrigerator, query the refrigerator on what is stored inside and keep track of the stock inside

Samsung FamilyHub Smart Fridge

Samsung FamilyHub Smart Fridge


To sum it all up, Google Home is a very crucial device to any household that prides itself on having smart appliances.

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