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Have you been considering automating your home? In case the answer to that question is positive, you must have inquired, “What does Google Nest Hub do?” If you're going to invest in any device, you need to understand how it'll affect your life.

Google Nest Hub comes with an amazing screen that gives you interesting features and tricks to muck around with. This is what gives the Nest Hub prominence over basic smart speakers. You can make great use of your Google Nest Hub screen by using:

  • Google Assistant

  • The apps on your Smartphone

  • The features you will find in the device

Here are a few things that your Google Nest Hub will allow you to do:

Watch Videos

Google Nest Hub Do

You can ask your smart display to play your favorite videos. Seriously, all you have got to do is ask. Google nest Hub will respond even to exceptionally specific requests as long as what you wish is on YouTube. In case, for instance, you want to watch Beyoncé’s Coachella performance, you'll ask for that precisely.

Everyone living in your house can request their videos of choice. The Nest Hub holds a record and remembers everyone’s viewing history. 

Google Photos

Google Nest Hub creates some of the best photo frames. Google Photos allows you to show your pictures even when the Nest Hub is not being used. You only need to tap on it in the Google Home app on your mobile device. Choose the cog icon, opt for ‘photo frame’ and finally, Google Photos. 

You will get a list of what your platform feels are the best photos in your library. If you don’t share the same sentiments, you can choose your preferred albums. Moreover, you are allowed to choose how frequently your photos change (5 seconds to 10 minutes). 

In addition, you can ask for specific photos. If you want to show your friends your Bali vacation photos, ask Google for them specifically. 

Gets Your Content

Most people have a playlist of their favorite music. It is to create one from apps such as Spotify, Deezer as well as YouTube Music On-Screen, and Plex. Your Nest Hub is also your Chromecast device which makes it even easier to stream your content. 

Moreover, the touchscreen controls on the Nest Hub are an added advantage. All you have to do to start and stop playback is a single tap on your smartphone or the Hub screen. 

Get Directions

Your Nest Hub can give you walking or driving directions. In addition, it tells you how long it will take to get to your destination. It also sends directions to your phone and shows you the route you are expected to take. 

Thus, if you plan to go somewhere you've not been before, you'll ask Google how long it takes to get there. If it is as well far to walk, you'll be able to opt to drive. Once you enquire from Google, a map appears to the right of your screen. It shows details such as traffic congestion and allows you to switch to different modes of transport.

The benefit of being able to envision directions and also the state of the traffic is tremendous. It helps you make an informed decision on whether to leave immediately or wait till later. Also, you can decide on the best mode of transport to use. 

Customize Your Nest Hub for the Night

To set your Nest Hub up for the night, here is what you need to do:

  • Tap the display on the Google Home App

  • Select the cog icon on the top right

  • Select ‘Night Mode’ 

  • Enable night mode by switching to ‘On’

  • Adjust the volume if it is too loud for you

Your Google display turns down the volume and allows you to have uninterrupted nighttime. You can also turn the display to dim or turn it off. Alternatively, you can program it to go off after five or ten minutes of inactivity.

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