With more and more devices powering our smart homes, it is important that you have a central point where you can see all of them and control them at the touch of a finger. The Google Home Hub is one of the most popular hubs that you can see your home from. With the numerous devices you need to know what is compatible with Google Home hub and what is not.

The Google Home hub brings together all your smart devices and allows you to control them with your voice powered by the Google Assistant running the hub or via mobile app or directly from the hub.

Here is a list of the devices that are compatible with the Google Home hub.


Cameras are an integral part of the smart home ecosystem. They help you to keep an eye on things when you are away or asleep in your house.

On the Google Home Hub, there are various camera brands that are easily compatible. With Google’s purchase of Nest, all Nest branded cameras are easily compatible with the Google Home Hub to ensure that you can see guests at your door from the comfort of your house before you open the door.


Smart lights help turn your house into a comfortable abode. On your Google Home Hub, you can adjust the brightness of the lights to set the mood in your house and also set a time at which they can be on and off automatically.

As with cameras and many other devices, there are some lighting brands that if you have a Google Home Hub, you should purchase. The Philips Hue light bulbs are some of the most popular smart lights that are compatible with the Google home hub.


The Nest Learning Thermostat is one of the popular thermostats that you can buy. As a Google product, you can be sure that they will not disappoint you if you have a Google Home hub to control all your smart devices at home.

The Nest Learning Thermostat quickly learns your ideal temperature requirements while at home. It therefore automatically adjusts to your preferences while you are home. With a Google Home hub, you can change your preferences on the thermostat conveniently with your voice or manually. The thermostat will then adjust to the new temperature preferences as advised.

Streaming devices

As we have upgraded our houses, so has the entertainment. To enjoy our favorite movies and music there is a need for streaming devices that can stream from different devices. You can watch your favorite movies streaming from your mobile devices or laptops to your TV.

You can buy a Roku, or a Chromecast which are quite easily compatible with the Google Home hub. With these devices, you can connect them to your streaming device at the home hub and control them at the sound of your voice or via the Google Home hub app.

Door locks

Smart homes ensure that you have extra security. Buying a smart lock is now much easier and convenient for your smart home. The smart lock ensures that you will never have to lose your keys again as it easily locks the door behind you automatically. It senses your approach and can unlock itself for you. You can use a mobile app to open and close your door securely with this lock.

The Nest Yale lock is compatible with the Google Home Hub. This means that you can easily unlock or lock your door with your voice. Further, its camera can connect to a streaming device and beam images onto your Smart TV.

Home appliances

Also compatible with your Google Home hub are various home appliances. You can connect your pots and kettles to the Google home hub and using your mobile app, you can start making your coffee remotely on your way home. Getting home to a ready mug of steaming coffee.

Appliances such as your Roomba i7+ vacuum can easily connect to your Google Home hub. To clean your house, all you need is a voice command to the hub which then fires up the vacuum to clean the house and empty its contents when through.


If you already have a Google Home Hub, it would be sad if you bought a device that is not compatible to it. All Nest devices are fitted with Google Assistant and as such will be easily compatible. There are other manufacturers whose products also quickly and easily connect to the Google Home Hub. Ensure that you are aware of what is compatible with the Google Home hub as you start shopping for your smart home.

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