This Is Why Nobody Is Going to Struggle Again

Let Google handle everything. The only thing you and I shall be doing is eating and sleeping. And maybe a little more.

Google Home Hub is here to let you rehearse paradise life at your home. Using your voice as a command tool, you can now relax and watch as Google Home Hub makes things work.

“HeyGoogle, what is Google Home Hub used for?”—

Google Home Hub is used to control countless smart devices. It plans your activities, controls your smart home appliances, manages your media as well as learning forums. The list is actually endless. Let us have a look at some of the areas you can use Google Home Hub at Home.

Google Home Hub Controls Your Devices

Google Home is your smart home hub. Use Google Home Hub to:

Control your TV: Google Home Hub enables you to turn on your TV. Then, you are able to switch between your favorite channels. When you are done watching your favorite TV channels you can switch on the TV.

All you need is to have the Hub connectedto your TV through Chromecast. You don’t need to tell go to switch or change your TV channels. All these can be programmed to a particular time.

Monitor Cameras: Google Home Hub controls and operates your outdoor cameras and doorbell cameras.

Control your doors: Google Home Hub allows you to open your smart doors. Additionally, you can close the smart doors by just say,

“OK Google, close door 13.”

Google Home Hub Is Used for Planning Your Day

Google enables you to experience a wonderful day. A real day planner! Here, you are able to:

Manage your schedules: You can plan how your next day’s activities will look like. From your Google Home app, just tap on “Schedule”. From there, you will be a position to add as many activities as you want to undertake.

Manage your commute: Google Home Hub eases your travel. Using the hub, you will be in a position to control places you drive, walk or fly to. You can set them as Workplace and your place of departure as the “Home.”

Control your reminders: The Routines section of your Google Home hub has a Good Morning routine which enables you to set your reminders. Here, Google Home Hub lets you know of what you will be doing during the day— and at particular times. You will as well tell Google to play particular music or podcast when the set time reaches.

Monitor weather: You can use Google Home Hub to monitor weather changes around your home. All you need is to ask Google to let you know of the prevailing weather conditions.

Manage your notifications: Use Google Home Hub for your notifications. Don’t miss out on any news or events; Google Home Hub is here to notify you.

Use Google Home Hub to Entertain Yourself

 Google is your ultimate media hub. Don’t miss your favorite music on YouTube. Just make Google aware of your intention;

“OK Google, Play My Music on YouTube”

Google instantly plays your music, movies, and podcasts upon request. Besides, the hub will switch stations of your radio. Google Hub possesses a high range speaker to let you enjoy your entertainment.

Additionally, Google Home Hub can be used for watching updates via football web apps such as Spotify. You are as well able to update your photos anytime you feel like.

Google Home Hub Is Used for Your Virtual Assistant Services

The hub has an in-built Google Assistant. This allows you to learn how to do various things at home. For example, you can ask Google Home Hub to teach you how to cook, wash clothes, play the flute.

 You simply send a voiced request to your Assistant. For example, “Hey Google, how do I cook beans?” Google will then table you a recipe, that you can strictly follow as you strive to prepare a finger-licking dish. Apart from that, you can ask it to prepare your shopping lists as well as guide you to a shopping center.

Bottom Line,

“What is Google Home Hub used for?” should not be a question anymore. Henceforth, you should seek to acquire as many smart home devices, and start rehearsing your paradise life—at your home.

The ways of using Google Home Hub are unlimited. Provided you have a smart device, power supply, and Wi-Fi— you can always choose where and what to use Google Home Hub for.

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