What Is Google Home Smart Speaker: A Review

Google has a couple of devices in its smart speaker lineup. Google uses its expertise in search and data handling to optimize its smart devices,which include the Google Home Speaker. This then begs the question ofwhat is google home smart speaker.

The Google Home Smart Speaker is powered by Google’s own Google Assistant. This is an artificial intelligence-powered virtual assistant that helps you to search the web, play or pause music, dim smart lighting, start a TV show, and plenty more besides.

This smart speaker has a wide range of functionality in homes, especially although you can use it in transit as well. This review will cover the Google Home Smart Speaker in detail, its features, controls, and everything else that we ought to know about this device.

The device itself

Google has three smart speakers in the home lineup, namely the original Google Home, Google Home Mini, and the more formidable Google Home Max.

 All these devices are Google Assistant compatible. They vary in size, price, and sound quality. All three google home speakers use the same application; Google Home App and they respond to the same commands

Like all other major artificial intelligence smart speakers, the google home is always listening but doesn’t record what you are saying. Neither will it respond to commands unless it hears one of its pre-programmed wake words such as  `Ok Google’ and `Hey Google.’

Also, each google home speaker has a limited set of physical buttons that are used to pause and play music, decrease or increase volume, change the track that is playing or power down the device.

What is google home smart speaker: Features


If you broadcast a message on a Google Home device, the message will be played on all synched and connected devices in your home. You can also reply to a received message with simple commands.

Recipe assistance

Google Home devices come handy in the kitchen, whereby given the select ingredients, they can recommend recipes from all over the web as well as giving you step by step instructions at your request.


 Whereby your smartphone is connected to the Google Home Speaker, you can use the Google Assistant feature to make calls and receive them as well.

Multiple Commands

The Google Home Speaker is capable of accepting two commands that have been issued in a sequence and execute them accordingly.

Night Mode

The Google Home Speaker can automatically lower the brightness on its screen to prevent straining and also lower the volume of music at selected times.


The Google Home Speaker has a feature called `story time,’ and it can read out stories for you and your kids from Disney and Nickelodeon if you command it to. It will even set the mood with soothing music as you read.

Google Home Mini

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The speaker in a smart home

Routines make it cool to regulate multiple smart home devices with a single command. The Google Home Speaker now allows you to customize the commands that activate the routine and add any element to the routine that you would want.

The devices that Google Home Speaker can control include:

Smart refrigerators

A smart refrigerator is a fridge that has web ability, such as the LG InstaView Door-in-Door. You can use the Google Home Speaker to turn off the refrigerator, query the refrigerator on what is stored inside and keep track of the stock inside.

Smart lighting

Connecting your Google Home Speaker to smart lighting such as Philips Hue Lights will enable you to do more than switch the lights on and off. You can adjust the brightness, sync your lights, or change the color in certain rooms. You even can remotely ask Google if you left the lights on.

Smart cameras

The Google Home Speaker works with several reliable cameras such as the Nest Cam.  It is a reliable indoor camera that is good for simple surveillance tasks. This camera also includes outdoor versions if you wish to expand your surveillance options to the outer surroundings of your property.

Switches and sockets

There are many switches and sockets that are smart; some of them do not require a hub for control but just an application. The Google Home allows you to control your switches and plugs, whether you are around or away. With some smart switches like the WeMo smart plug, you can switch your appliances on with your voice.


To sum it all up, the Google Home speaker is a reliable option for those who want to automate their homes and have access to all their smart devices in one location.

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