Most homeowners do not know much about Google SmartThings. The feature is available in Google Home and some Android devices. It is the ultimate way to automate your home and control your smart devices automatically. To connect with other smart home gadgets, you have to get the SmartThings application.

It works with various devices, including thermostats, sensors, light switches, locks, and outlets. You can enjoy unlimited possibilities with your smart devices. Here are five home automation brands that you can use with Google SmartThings.

How to get started with Google SmartThings

You must have the Google speaker to get started. However, you can also use you an Android 6.0+ smartphone or any Android Wear 2.0 device. Whichever, you choose to use, start by downloading the SmartThings app. Here are the simple steps to follow:

  • Download Google Home into your device and set it before you connect to SmartThings.
  • Enable Google for iOS and Android devices by long pressing your home button and your smartphone will connect to SmartThings through it.
  • For Android Wear 2.0, you have download Android Wear application and login or copy your Gmail account onto the watch. Be sure to update Google app for a smooth experience.

Why Do You Need To Automate Your Home?

Home automation is not just a way to stay updated with technology. It brings you comfort and simplifies different tasks. Here some reasons why you should find the best automation brand:

  • Allows Single Management for Home Devices

If you are still wondering, "What is Google SmartThings?" Then, you haven't experienced the convenience of managing various devices from a single point. All you need is to download the app on your mobile phone or tablet and take advantage of the countless functions it offers. You need to learn a few things as a first-time user.

  • Allows Flexibility in New Appliances and Devices

Home automation makes your new devices flexible. They come with advanced technology that gives you more options than simply making life more manageable than before. You can integrate almost every smart gadget in your house and enjoy the best lifestyle technology can offer.

  • Increased Home security

Apart from using Google SmartThings for entertainment, you can use it for security purposes. For example, Google Assistant helps you know the current weather state. It can be used with smart thermostats to ensure you and your family remain safe regardless of the weather.

Besides, your smart home security system can send you alerts via email in case of anything unusual within your home compound.

  • Voice Commands

If you know how to use voice commands, you shouldn’t be asking, "What are SmartThings?" This Google Assistant feature allows you to carry various tasks by just commanding via a smart device or remote control. SmartThings can be used in various ways, including controlling lights.

You say something like "Google, dim my bedroom light" or "Google Switch on the kitchen lights." No need to get out of bed to check if you left lights on in the sitting room, the Google SmartThings comes in handy.

  • Increased Appliance Functionality

Google SmartThings enables easy home automation that results in better handling of your appliances. You can quickly search for channels and apps on your smart TV instead of pressing the remote back and forth.

The same happens to your music system. You entertain guests effortlessly with music or movies without having to worry about typing whatever you are searching on Google or YouTube and apps.

What Can You Automate In Your House?

In your house, you got many things that you can automate. Home automation refers to the programming of specific items in your house to function automatically. In the past few decades, home automation was basic, including programmable thermostat, lamp timers, but smart tech has changed all that. It allows immense possibilities such as an automated thermostat detects when you leave the house and turns on around the time when you are almost home.


SmartThings is compatible can be used with many devices. It used the Z-Wave Protocol and ZigBee protocol, which allow it to work with tools that speak different languages. Besides, SmartThings has an app. It gives a lot of control over many smart devices in your home. You can customize it to fit your needs.

Another great feature is remote notifications. You receive notifications in case of any change, such as a drop in temperature. You can switch out the AC before you get into the house, and you no longer have to deal with unpleasant surprises.

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