Everything You Need to Know About Google Home Hub

What is a home hub? When it comes to home automation, there are numerous smart device brands like Google Home, Vera, and Ezlo that make it possible for you to stay connected to your smart home while offering convenience for people with busy lifestyles. According to statistics, voice control is the top priority for most smart homeowners, and Google Home hub provides precisely that.

What is a home hub?

This is a Google smart home offering that can be used to connect your smart home products. Through the google home, you can connect and control appliances and processes in your home. You can use it as your personal assistant, use it to control your TV, your smart kitchen appliances, your lighting fixtures, and even to manage simple everyday tasks.

Google Home hub is a command central that unites all your home automation devices under one system. Through home hub, you can access video cameras in your home, lighting fixtures, and even doorbells through voice command. This is a service from Google meant to offer users convenience in their day to day lives.

Google Home hub system comes with a view screen. From this screen, you can remotely control your home security system, lighting fixtures or even the working of your microwave. It can work with different smart products like Nest cameras to give you more control of the security in and around your home. Google Home Hub is compatible with more than 5000 smart devices from different brands. This offers flexibility to all types of users, regardless of your preferred smart device brands.

How to make home hub to work for you seamlessly

Once you get your google home hub, you need to set it up. You can set up the system in your living room or even kitchen.

Download Google Home app

You cannot complete setting up your home hub without the Google Home application for iOS and Android. Google Home app is the command center for home hub. You will need it to be able to link home hub to your smart devices. You can download it to your phone or tablet.

Home hub and voice recognition

Voice technology enables you to communicate with your smart devices connected to your Google Home, and home hub is no different. Google assistant is created with the ability to recognize voices and associate them with different users in your home. For instance, when you ask for a calendar events schedule, google assistant offers results from your account through voice recognition. If you plan on using Google Home hub in a household with multiple users, it is ideal that you teach home hub to recognize the different voices in the home.

Set home hub downtime

As helpful as Google Home is, it can also be a distraction sometimes. You can set home hub downtime from the Google Home app. This will limit access to google assistant, and by extension home hub at specified times. To do so:

  • Go to the Google Home app and navigate to home hub.
  • Go to settings and click on Digital Wellbeing them to setup
  • From here, you can skip to schedule downtown menu
  • Schedule home hub downtimes through setting google assistant on and off times

Filtering Content

  1. home hub comes with a screen. This allows you to watch movies, music, and videos on your home hub. If you have kids and need to filter content, it is possible to set up content filters. There is an option to filter or block content. You can also block answers to questions, phone calls, games, and google actions.

You can filter content for specific accounts or every home hub user, depending on your preference. You can also choose to effect these changes on all devices of specific ones. From Google Home app settings, go to Digital Wellbeing to access the set-up tab to create the filters.

Controlling your smart home with Google Home Hub

Whether your home only has one smart device of multiple, home hub gives you a simple way of controlling these devices.

From the top of the home hub screen, go to view menu. You will find a list of all the devices connected to home hub in your home. They are placed in categories such as cameras, locks, or even thermostats. Clicking on any of the categories will take you to the basic control panel. From here, you can control the smart device to your liking.

Google Home hub is the new age home assistant technology. With it, you have better organization and control of your smart home from a small screen.

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