What is the best Google Assistant Device you Can Use?

As innovation has advanced and viewpoints of innovation such as Manufactured Insights have been fine-tuned adequate to encourage our existence, individuals can directly converse with machines that can react and get them. Google Assistant is a case of this innovation. As increasingly gadgets with this capability are delivered, it is critical to discover out what is the finest Google Right-hand gadget to purchase and utilize at your home.

The Google Assistant is found in phones, TVs, a range of home appliances such as doorbells, surveillance cameras and even lights.

Here is a list of the best Google Assistant devices you can use at home.

Google Home

The Google Home is a smart speaker for the smart home. In many homes, it is used to stream online content, be it movies, music or photos. With the Google Assistant technology running under its hood, the Google Home is instructed to carry out a range of functions by voice. It also has a mobile app that one can use to instruct it.

With Google Home, you'll be able to order pizza or an Uber, you will be able to check the climate overhauls for the day and indeed make and check your plan. It might be an exceedingly cherished Google Partner gadget for the comfort it offers.

Android OS devices

Since Google acquired the company that developed the Android Operating System, numerous products have been produced to run on it. The majority of the smartphones available around the world, run on this operating system. You'll moreover discover smart watches, TV, and other wearable gadgets that run on Android.

All android devices have a Google Assistant. This technology allows the device owners lots of convenience by using their devices hands off and only using their voice to navigate and accomplish their desires.

Google Nest Hub Max

The Google Nest Hub Max is a device that runs on the Google Assistant. It is a central point, hence the name hub, where you can control all your smart household devices.

The Google Nest Hub Max allows you the convenience of seeing all your devices from one central point. Here, you can, provide all the kinds of instructions that you need to all your devices. You can set your alarm, switch off your lights and even set a timer for a time to get your pot to boil.

These are some of the most popular devices that run on Google Assistant capabilities. As we have seen, most of the devices in this category are instructed via voice commands. Now, let us see some of the commands that you can issue the Google Assistant.

Google Assistant

What can you do with Google Assistant?

Check traffic updates

Based on Google Maps information, your Google Assistant will provide you with the best traffic update when you travel. With a simple “OK, Google, Get me home”. You will receive the best route to take that will ensure you get home in the least time possible. Helping you avoid the stress that comes with rush hour traffic.

Movie marathon on Netflix

If you want to catch up on the latest movies on a weekend or an evening in the house, Google Assistant is available to help. Netflix is available on many smart TVs and all you need is to instruct your Google Assistant to open Netflix and play your favorite movies one after the other.

Find your phone

You are hurriedly preparing your family and yourself for the day. Many times, you will not remember where you left your phone. You can ask your Google Assistant on your Google Nest Hub to find it for you.

The hub will then call your phone and you will find it comfortably once it rings.

Create your shopping list

When you are running low on groceries, you can ask Google Assistant to create a shopping list for you. You can mention everything that you will need to buy when you go out shopping and the Google Assistant will make you a list of everything you mentioned. Ensuring that you do not forget anything.

Turn off the lights

When it's your time to sleep, you can command your Google Assistant device to switch off the lights. You can customize your command to “Good night” and once you say these words, your house goes dark.


The Google Assistant is one of the most technologically advance AI technology that can be used at home. It is in numerous devices and can also be accessed and used as a mobile app. It makes life easier and more convenient.

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