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Choose the Perfect Smart Home Assistant for You

What is the best smart assistant? If you are considering turning your house into a smart home, this is probably one of the questions in your mind. Picking the right smart home assistant is one of the first things you will do to be able to create a smart home environment. Ezlo by Vera, Google Home, and Amazon Echo are some of the many options in the market. If you are new to smart home assistants, choosing the right one is not an easy task. The choice you make will shape the ecosystem of your home.

What to consider before choosing a smart home assistant


Before you choose a smart assistant, it is important to consider compatibility. Think about all the devices in your home you wish to automate with the smart system. Currently, the most dominating smart home assistants include Vera, Google Home, and Amazon Echo. Most smart devices in your home can connect with any of these smart assistants. 

If you want to integrate most of your devices like security systems, ensure that the internet and router you use can handle the task. It is advisable to set up a different network just to guarantee the safety of your devices. You also need to consider the strength of your internet. If you live in a location with poor reception, consider installing satellite internet.  

Size, sound quality, and the cost

Apart from coming with artificial intelligence, you also need to consider the audio quality, size, and cost of your smart assistant. Generally, low priced speakers that are smaller in size tend to compromise on the quality of the sound. If you get a bigger speaker, you can expect to pay more for it and enjoy better sound quality. You can examine different brands and how size affects the sound quality and cost before you decide on the best one for your needs. 

Small speakers work best when used for alarms and spoken feedback as opposed to playing music or audio files. Therefore, how you plan to use the smart assistant also determines the right size for you. These speakers come in multiple colors you can choose from to suit the aesthetics in your home. 

Another way to map out the sound quality of a speaker, apart from checking its size, is to check specific sound features. You can check the number of internal speakers in the assistant, including tweeters for high sound and woofers for bass. However, a small size speaker will fit less internal speakers than an average size smart assistant.

Consider the bonus features


While considering the features you want on your smart speaker, it is also important to consider additional features that can make your home assistant user experience even better. If you have a family, you may need a system with multi-user support. This gives the smart assistant the ability to recognize different voices and support accounts for every user. This is an important aspect to ensure accuracy, especially if you plan to use your smart assistant to control your schedule. 

If you prefer to have background noise, you want a home assistant that supports multi-room streaming. It should also be able to switch playback from each room to ensure every room has music. Some home assistant systems come with the ability to play different music for different rooms at the same time. You just need to take your time to find the system that works to meet your smart home needs. You can control playback from your tablet, phone or computer by using voice command. 

An additional feature would be going for a home assistant that comes with a screen. A good example is the Google Home hub. This way, you can stream video content through Google Home to the screen. This feature even allows you to make video calls. 

Choosing an artificial intelligence assistant

This is the most important part of a home assistant. There are numerous options in the market like the Vera app, Alexa, and Google Assistant. It is important to consider the company brand. Most home assistants will work best with hardware from the same manufacturer. However, most home assistant systems are compatible with different brands. When choosing a smart home system, you need to ensure that you get an AI Assistant your devices will work seamlessly with. 

What is the best smart assistant? It is one that integrates all the features highlighted above. With this guide, you will be able to make the right choice when automating your home.

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