7 Smart LED Bulbs That Provide You Magical Experience

“Since I bought these bulbs, I change the colors inside my rooms depending on my moods. I no longer feel bored since I can switch to any light scene. I have suddenlybegun experiencing magic in my rooms, especially in the bedroom. Again, I can move around my room voicing orders to my lights.” says James as he smiles.

 Do you want to perform even more wonders—with smart lights—than James? What are examples of such bulbs that James bought?

You are about to identify types, features plus applications of Google Home smart lights that allow you toenjoy earthly paradise in your room. And many more.

1. Why Philips Hue Color Smart Bulb when Deciding on What Lights Work with Google Home?

Philips Hue A19 bulb comes with Bluetooth smart bulb and a filament. For this reason, you can control the bulb from Bluetooth and your phone. The Hue app—which can be added—allows you to set schedules, utilize wireless sensors as well as motion sensors.

The bulb supports various devices such as Google Assistant and Apple’s Homekit. The disadvantage of this smart light is that itcomparatively costs more than most smart lights.

2. Yeelight Smart LED Bulb

This bulb supports music rhythm since its colors can be adjusted as per the festival or party. You can adjust color temperature and brightness. The adjustment of brightness brings about the ability to switch to various scenes.

This bulb has 16 million dimmable colors. One of the best properties of this bulb is that it supports Apple’s Homekit, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. Besides, the Mijia app allows you to remotely control the lights.The bulb has a long life—averagely 11 years. Additionally, the bulb is one of the cheapest to purchase.

3. LIFX Wi-Fi Smart LED Light Bulb

The absence of hue makes this device more user-friendly as compared to most smart LED bulbs. The bulb has 16 million colors and warm to cool whites.

 It uses a temperature of 2500k to 9000k and has a brightness of 75W. The unique features of this bulb enable you to create scenes as well as a schedule.

4. Nanoleaf Rhythm Edition Smarter Kit

This smart light comes with huge configurations as well as customizable triangular panels. The triangular shape is to aid in even diffusion of lights—after fixing the panels on your walls. You will experience a smooth light appearance on your surface.

Lack of hotspot support enables you to see each LED. These smart lights consist of color temperatures ranging between 1200K and 6500K. Besides, the lights are dimmable via the Nanoleaf Smarter app and can function on Amazon’s Alexa, Google Home as well as on Apple’s Alexa. The main con of these smart lights is their high prices.

5. Sengled Element Classic Smart LED Bulbs

This is one of the least expensivesmart lights that can use Google Home. The ability of this bulb to directly connect to a Wi-Fi router makes it quite easy to connect as well as use. Its connection has been made easy via the Sengled’s app.

Despite the inability to use Home Kit, this bulb can be controlled via Amazon’s Alexa as well as Google Assistant. The two are crucial in voice commands.

6. Minger Govee Wi-Fi LED Strip Lights

These bulbs possessan inline controller. This means they have an in-built microphone; no need to use a Bluetooth. The bulbs use the Govee app for its customization properties— for example, switch music colors. The Govee Dreamcolor strips can be set without necessarily accessing a Wi-Fi connection.

In considering what lights work with Google Home, you can give this smart bulb a try. This is due to its ability to use Alexa as well as Google Home, besides other fantastic features — although it lacks the support of Homekit.

7. Choose Wyze Bulb when considering What Lights Work with Google Home

This bulb comes with the support of Alexa as well as Google Assistant. Alexa enables the bulb to brighten up or switch color temperatures. Another outstanding feature of this smart light bulb is its relatively low price.

The bulb also has dimmable scenes and a color temperature slider. All these are controlled by the Wyze app. The major drawbacks of this bulb are its inability to possess many colors, and lengthy registration required to set up the bulbs.

Final Thoughts,

Depending on your budget and qualities you consider in a smart bulb — when considering what Lights work with Google Home— why don’t you buy one of the above bulbs? I bet you will achieve an amazing experience.

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