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Smart speakers have taken over our everyday lives. It is hard to imagine a time when you did not have Alexa or Google to do your every bidding. They help to keep our homes safe as well as simplify our morning or even nighttime routines.

In addition, they perform tasks such as the following:

  • Play music

  • Play videos

  • Manage smart home devices

  • Give you a rundown on the weather

  • Give you the latest news

Moreover, they are built with virtual assistants that are able to provide answers to every question. One is bound to ask this inevitable question: what smart speaker is best? For the most part, users will choose speakers that will align with their smart home needs.

Voice assistants that come with the smart speakers include:

  • Google Assistant

  • Alexa

  • Siri

Mobile Smart Speaker

There are several brands of smart speakers to choose from. The ones most people are familiar with include Amazon Echo and Google Nest with their attendant products. To get the best smart speakers, sample the ones on the list below. 

These are some of the best virtual assistants you will find. They come with great sound and style as well as the most competitive ecosystems. 

Sonos One

This is hailed as the best-sounding speaker available now. It comes with a rich sound and is compatible with Alexa and Sonos. Furthermore, it plays music even when Alexa is muted. It features a clean design and is also rich in features. 

It comes with a new feature called AirPlay 2 which promises to be a game-changer. This feature allows it to talk to Siri and pair many rooms with Apple’s HomePod. With recent upgrades, Sonos One supports Google Assistant as well. It is definitely a flexible speaker. 

Its close relative, the Sonos Move, is also a pretty neat speaker which you can purchase instead of Sonos One. It comes with all the goodies the One. 

Apple HomePod

Another speaker that ranks high on quality and performance is the Apple HomePod. It is a super smart speaker with astounding sound. Unlike some of the other speakers, the HomePod works collaboratively with other Apple products. This is a mighty plus if you are an Apple fan. 

As a premium speaker, the HomePod is an excellent choice. This is because it has excellent sound and its set up is quite innate. However, as a smart home hub, it is a tad limiting since it is not easy to break free of the Apple ecosystem. 

Amazon Echo (2019)

Black Amazan Echo Speaker

Amazon Echo is already a favorite with many homeowners. Why you ask? Because it gives rookie smart home users an economical entry point. The Amazon Echo features better sound and enhanced Alexa features.  

Its improved sound is able to deliver podcasts, news, music and any other purpose that requires a voice assistant. The 2019 Amazon Echo comes with further enhanced audio and does not feature the Plus’s Zigbee compatibility. 

For all its improved sound features, it is still cheaper than the Echo Plus of 2018. It comes with new AI capacities that have given it new voice profile features. In addition, it comes with additional changes with regard to varying voice speed. 

This speaker is excellent for people who want to try out the smart home for the first time. 

Google Home

Just about every smart home enthusiast has had about Google’s Chromecast. The one thing having a Google Home will bring to your attention is just how music can be accessed on YouTube. This device will get you just about any song and play it for you. 

In fact, a Google Home equals having your own DJ at home. It is amazingly intelligent and a great home hub to have. It is able to access a variety of platforms which include Philips, Nest as well as SmartThings from Samsung. 

Eventually, it will be able to access even more platforms. With Google Home, it is now possible to make calls.  Google Assistant also includes bilingual capabilities with the latest updates. Also, the most recent update brings the speaker’s virtual assistant to nest Security alarm systems. 


So, what speaker is best? The speakers discussed herein are great devices and they bring different benefits to the table. For instance, if you are just starting out on your smart home adventure, you may find the Amazon Echo the best fit for you. 

An Apple enthusiast may prefer to go with the HomePod. If you are just about the music and managing devices such as lights and locks, Google Home is your best bet. In addition, there is the small issue of funds to consider as well.

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