Automating Your Home - How to Set Up Google Home? (Step by Step)

Among the myriad home automation devices in the market, Google Home is the only one that is slowly inching toward the top position worldwide. Over half a billion people use Google Assistant on different devices with Google Home rising in popularity. Have you already purchased or planned to buy a Google Home device? How do you set up Google Home? How to Set Up Google Home?

The Step by Step Guide - How to Set Up Google Home?

Google has made it easy for anyone to set up and use Google Home.  The setup process is by far the most friendly and shortest as compared to the competition. On top of that, Google has made it easier to access the Google Home assistant by allowing third-party OEMs to add it to their devices.

Most people find it convenient to use their smartphones to configure their Google Home devices. Here are the steps you need to follow:

First Step - How to Set Up Google Home with A Smartphone

Setting up Google Home is easy. All you need is a Google Home device (including third-party speakers/devices), a smartphone with the Google Home app, and a few minutes to spare. The Google Home app is available for download on the Google play store as well as the Apple App Store.

Your phone should be running Android 5.0 (Lollipop) or higher, have an active internet connection, capable of connecting to Wi-Fi in the 2.4 GHz or 5.0 GHz range (most modern devices are capable of this), and have its Bluetooth turned on. 

Assuming you’ve already purchased and have your Google Home device with you, visit the Appstore appropriate for your device and download the Google Home app. It should take anything from a few seconds to several minutes depending on the speed of your internet connection.

Step 1- Powering Your Google Home Device

Like any other electronic device you have in your home, you will need to power your Google Home device. Find the power cord that came with the device and plug it into the wall or power strip and then to the device’s power port. It’s advisable to have a permanent power outlet for your Google Home device where it will not be disturbed or need to be unplugged from time to time.

Step 2- Powering on The Google Home Device

Your Google Home device should turn on automatically and play a pre-defined welcome message. If not, look for the power button and turn it on.  You may see the assistant’s lights lighting up when you turn the device on for the first time.  The assistant may also ask you to head over to the Appstore/Play store for the Google Home app.

Step 3- How Do You Set up Google Home- The App Process

Launch the Google Home app on your smartphone to start the Google Home setup wizard.  On the home screen, tap on the plus sign (+) at the top to add the new Google Home device to your home network.

Tap on the set-up device menu item and then select the option that says “set up new devices in your home. Select a home to attach your new Google device to. You can create a new home if this is the very first smart home device in your home. A home is a label to identify your entire Google smart home setup.

Tap on the next option on the app and let Google search for any new smart devices. It should be able to detect your new Google Home device and ask if you want to set it up. Select yes and the app will link with Google Home and play a confirmation sound when it’s done. Tap on the yes button under the screen asking whether you heard the sound.

You can choose to agree or disagree with the legal terms and additional arbitration terms displayed on the next screen.

Next, you may be asked to choose a room where the device will be domiciled if you had set up multiple rooms in your smart home configuration on the app before. Otherwise, you can also create and label the room where the device will be located.

Final Steps- How to Set Up Google Home Wi-Fi And Services

The next screen will ask you which Wi-Fi network you want to connect to. Select your home Wi-Fi from the list. Tap next and provide the password if it’s the first time using the app. Tap on next.

The next setup screen will guide you on activating a voice match, and creating a voice model. This will allow Google to recognize your voice. Tap on next and choose whether you want personal results and link other services, and accounts to your device (Spotify, Pandora, Deezer, etc.).

You can also use the set-up wizard to link to Google duo for calls using the assistant and add your phone number.   Everything is set when you see the All done screen. Tap on the continue button and finalize the setup!

How to Use Google Home as Speaker

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