Sonoff may be a device that can be utilized in your home to add keen switching to your devices. You'll select between the essential and mini varieties, but both work in the same way. The only difference is that the Sonoff mini has the included ability to include an on/off switch to allow you a two-way switching control. This way, a regular switch can work with smart control.

With Sonoff, one of the ways you can add smart control in your home is by connecting it to lights in different rooms. This is done while still ensuring you can use your light switches regularly at times when you do not need to use the smart control. Regardless of the state of the switch, toggling it will still turn the lights on or off as expected. This is the same with smart control.

Sonoff smart control is controlled through the eWeLink app. It works seamlessly and easily connects to a Wi-Fi connection. You can add this device to your Amazon Echo too.

Features of Sonoff eWeLink app

The eWeLink app comes with various astonishing features. Among them is the ability of this app to set a normal timer, schedules, and indeed interactions with the IFTTT service. This way, you'll be able to perform different functions, such as triggering the switch with an overhead ISS.

Another exciting feature of the app is the LAN access. This means that smart control can work independently of cloud service. This solves a commonly reported problem when using an unstable Wi-Fi connection.

The app also comes with a DIY mode. This is aimed at developers as it provides REST API for the control of devices directly. This can be enabled by attaching a jumper inside the casing.

You can use eWeLink with google home

eWeLink with google home

Most homeowners use Google Assistant in their homes. it is only natural for most users to want to know how to use Sonoff with Google Home. eWeLink is fully compatible with Google Assistant. This allows you to control devices around your home through voice commands.

When you connect your eWeLink app with Google Home, you can voice command Google Assistant to turn off eWeLink devices, modify the color of the lighting and even brighten or dim lights. You only need to start with ‘OK Google’ and your home assistant is ready to help.

How to use Sonoff with Google Home - Control eWeLink with Google Home Assistant

To start using Sonoff with google home:

  • Download the eWeLink app from Google Play for Android and App Store for iOS devices. Create an account and add your Sonoff models to the eWeLink account.
  • Download Google Home mobile application and set up the Google Home device with your account. You can only connect with the eWeLink after setting up your Google Home device.

Ensure you select the English language for your Google Home as this is the only way it can recognize your commands, and your device names, and sync the device status.

To connect Google Assistant with eWeLink

  • Launch the Google Home app and go to the menu
  • Verify that the Google Account listed is the one used to set up your Google Home
  • From the home control menu, go to devices and expand using the + icon
  • Click on 'Smart We Link' and login to your eWeLink account
  • You will get a list of all the devices under the eWeLink account. Click on ‘Done’ on the upper right side.

You will get a confirmation on your screen once you are all set. You can get a list of all eWeLink devices that support Google Home Voice Control in your home from the home control menu. You can control any of these devices on this list through Google Home voice commands.

Adding a new eWeLink device to Sonoff with google home

If you wish to add modern eWeLink devices or change the names of existing devices, Google Home mobile app does not sync these new devices or recognize new names. Therefore, you may have to unlink the Smart We Connect app and link it again.

To do this:

  • From the home control panel, go to devices and tap on the + icon to expand. Here, you will find the Smart We Link app.
  • Click on the app to be promoted to unlink the account. Tap on the unlink option
  • You will find the Smart We Link under the ‘add new’ menu. You can link it again.
  • The new devices or changed nicknames will be synced with Google Home.

With the right switch enclosure, Sonoff offers a fantastic and easy way to control appliances around your home automation.

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