Ethernet cables retail at different prices in different retail shops. The prices are determined by the quality of the cable and the logistics of the retail shop.

But how much is an Ethernet cable at Walmart? At Walmart, the price Ethernet cable is fair compared to other retail outlets.

Ethernet cable at Walmart

But does this mean that the Ethernet cables stocked at Walmart are of poor quality? No. Walmart stocks the best quality Ethernet cables that you can find. The wires are also consumers tailored to suit your needs.

What Walmart does is that it shares the best cables and sells them at fair prices to enable you to save money so that you can live better. Check Walmart’s Slogan. With so many brands in the market, you must go for the best brand that will suit your needs.

 Buying an Ethernet cable is not as easy as it looks. Choosing the best Ethernet cable means that you get the best performing cable at the best price possible.  

Determinants of how much of an Ethernet cable at Walmart

The use of the Ethernet cable

 When looking for an Ethernet cable, the first question should be for what purpose is the cable. Your Ethernet cable requirements should be the primary determining factor of which cable to buy.

If you are using the local area network, the numbers of Ethernet ports are four. Larger offices use Ethernet routers and Wi-Fi. If you are using routers, then it means that you need more Ethernet cables. The use of the wire determines how much it costs.

The Performance of the Ethernet Cable

The Ethernet cable is categorized according to its performance and age. Different cables vary in their level of performance. You need to know that the standard cable categories are Cat 5, Cat6, and Cat7.

Cat 5 is the oldest and has low performance, while Cat 7is the newest and has the highest performance. With this in mind, then you will go for the cable which has the latest features, and that suits your performance.

The length of the Ethernet Cable

Ethernet Cable

Cables vary in length. The common standards lengths of Ethernet cables are 0.5, 1, 1.5, 2, 5, 10, and 20 meters. Cables of 70 meters, which is the maximum length, are also available. Before buying the Ethernet cable, ensure that the cable is long enough to avoid disappointment. Always buy a cable that a bit longer than what you require.

The Color of the cable

Although color does not determine how much an Ethernet cable cost at Walmart, you should consider buying Ethernet cables of different colors.  Buy cables that have different colors. Multiple colors will help you to identify cables with ease, especially where we have large routers that have many switches. If you have cables of different lengths, you can use color as the distinctive marker.


 You don't want to buy a faulty cable from crafty suppliers. With trusted suppliers like Walmart often stock quality cables. Walmart not only supplies quality cables but also offers you the necessary after-sales service. 

You can read more about how to buy Ethernet cables.

Home Automation Brands

Commonly used cables

Walmart stocks a variety of Ethernet cables. The most frequently used cables are;

  • Ethernet Networking cable
  • 50-FT Ethernet cable
  • Ethernet cables
  • 10’ Ethernet cables

Vera Ethernet cables

Walmart stocks a variety of Vera Ethernet cables. Vera Ethernet cables are tailor-made. The wires are in different lengths, colors, and prices to suit your unique needs. Vera insists on quality, and they give you quality.

See Vera products. You can also visit here for detailed information.

eZLON Ethernet Cables

Walmart has the eZLON brand of Ethernet Cables. Ezlon cables are of high quality. You will get the eZLON cables at fair prices. You are spoilt of choice when it comes to lengths, colors, and performance.

 For more information on the costs, visit here. You can also visit eZLON to get a view of their products.


Buying an automated home system is not an easy task. However, Home Automation makes it easy for you. All the information that you need on home automated systems is available under one roof. Getting the right Ethernet cable at a fair price is essential. Before going out to shop for an Ethernet cable, be sure of the length, the use, and the requirements. Also, consider having cables in different colors. Colors make the whole difference.

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