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How to Set Up and Use Google Home with Chromecast

With the perfect connection, you can use your Google Home to control your Chromecast device. 

Google Home has come a long way in terms of turning ordinary homes into smart homes. Not only can you use Google Home to answer questions, manage your schedule, and even manage smart appliances in your home, but you can also use it to control what you watch on TV too. Learning how to use Google Home and Chromecast can redefine your streaming experience. 

Google Home works with the google cast protocol to make it possible for you to cast audios from numerous apps through the home speakers. You can also use Google Home to cast content and play it on different devices like your TV. 

Connecting your Google Home to your Chromecast

You will require the Chromecast’s specific name

Before you connect your Chromecast to Google Home, you will need to give it a name. This is because Google Home interacts with the devices in your home independently. Giving your Chromecast a name ensures that Google Home can correctly identify with the device and thus issue accurate commands. Casting requires you to specify the device you want to stream from. You also need to ensure that your Chromecast and Google Home share the same network. 

You will need to be specific

Note that Google Home always plays streaming videos from a default app, like YouTube. Therefore, if you want to stream from a different app through your Chromecast, you need to be specific about the command you issue to your Google Home. for instance, if you want to stream from Netflix, you need to specify this when giving the command to Google Home, like ‘Ok Google, stream House of Cards on Netflix on living room TV.’

Once Google Home records the device you stream Netflix from, you will not need to be specific about it in the future. You only need to say ‘OK Google, play Orange is the new Black on Netflix’ for Google Home to cast the video on your TV. The preferred casting device remains the default device until you decide to change.

How to use Google Home and Chromecast

  • Connect Chromecast to your TV and turn the TV to the right input 

  • From your smart device open the Google Home app 

  • Click on the device icon located on the top right side of the screen 

  • From the next screen, click on ‘add new device’ 

You will be taken to a screen where you follow instructions to connect the Chromecast to your Google Home account. You will need to select the appropriate device from your Wi-Fi settings. From the Wi-Fi settings, select the ChromecastXXXXX network where the XXXX is a unique ID for your device. 

  • Go back to Google Home and click on continue 

  • A code will be displayed on your phone’s screen and your TV. Ensure they match and tap on the appropriate option to continue. 

  • You will need to select your location to continue 

  • Choose a Name for your Chromecast device as this is how Google Home will identify your Chromecast. Ensure you choose a name that is easy to pronounce since you will be using voice commands. Accept or deny the other prompts to continue 

  • Select the Wi-Fi network you prefer the Chromecast to connect. It is best if it is the same one Google Home is connected to 

  • Connect to the Wi-Fi network and sign in to your google account or click on continue if you are already logged in 

  • You can choose to watch or skip the casting guide. Click on a finish to finish the setup.

Your Chromecast is not set up with your Google Home and is ready to be used. You can control Chromecast using voice commands through Google Home. You can also link your Netflix account to be able to stream directly.  

How to stop casting

If you want to stop casting through exterior devices like your TV or laptop, all you need to do is to command Google Home by saying ‘OK Google, stop casting.’ This will disconnect Google Home from the casting device. The system returns to the default audio source as it ends the Google Home Chromecast session. If you need to cast again, you will need to be specific about the media device you want the content to stream from.

Google Chromecast support is one of the best supports Google Home offers. It also offers a tone of other possibilities that you can explore. You can pair as many devices as you can to have multiple streaming devices controlled by your Google Home app. The possibilities are endless.

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